Plot Twist: Who didn’t see that coming?

This is a video essay about the basic characteristics of big reveals in major motion pictures. It focuses on three films: Gone Girl, The Dark Knight Rises, and Remember Me. Through the use of these films, I show the audience that plot twists aren’t actually surprising if you pay close attention to the detail within the movie.

Background Music: The Burden by Memphis May Fire

Editing: Garage Band and iMovie


2 thoughts on “Plot Twist: Who didn’t see that coming?

  1. Tanei,

    This was a very informative and well-put together video essay. The one thing that keeps it from being as strong as it could be is the voice over tone throughout. Rather than encourage attention and engagement, you sound indifferent to what you’re saying and after a while, this begins to distract your viewer. Since so much of your video depends on our ability to follow what you’re saying, a more assertive and energetic tone would have brightened the overall feel of the video.
    Good work.

    Attendance/Participation A
    Blog Posts A
    HER Scene Study A
    Final Project
    Presentation B+
    Video Essay B


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